The Grand City of Trinsic

Welcome to Trinsic!

Trinsic is the second largest city in Sosaria, boasting a walled population of approximately 40,000 people. It is located north of the Cape of Heroes and south of the Fens of the Dead. Trinsic is a bustling trade city with a rich supply of natural resources including fishing, wines, furs and game, medicinals and mining. It boasts a highly successful shipbuilding industry, an ornate Church of Theus and is home to the training grounds of the Order of the Silver Serpent. coat_of_arms_trinsic.png

Trinsic is the only city in Sosaria to have consistently sported fortifications throughout the ages, with its famed city walls having been rebuilt more than once to keep up with the cityscape. For a time, a pass phrase was required for travel into the city, though these days it’s more about tradition than any need for security.

Trinsic is situated near the equatorial line, and tends to be humid and regularly rainy. Crops tend towards cotton, cane sugar and rice. It has a wide array of mined materials – iron, copper, silver and gold – leading to a thriving metalsmithy market. However, foodstuff variety in Trinsic is lacking, so it tends to import a large amount of grains and flour from the rest of Sosaria.

Food comes from a number of nearby communities – farmgoods from towns and villages on the northern roadway. Hunters based from the Kalath River Hunting Lodge deep in the Argent Forest (so called for it’s abundant white ash trees) trap and hunt feral hogs, alligators and even bears. Even further up the river are old mining camps, where gold can still be dug from the Serpents Tail Mountains. Closer by, Trinsic is blessed with amazing natural resources.

The folk of Trinsic are, as a whole, fair and honorable to deal with, but deal harshly with liars and cheats. Trinsic is second only to Britannia in the size and power of the local Church of Theus, and the priesthood is considered a noble profession. For a time, Trinsic was ruled by a council selected by populace of each ward, but those days are past and today a plutocracy consisting of the nobles, merchant guild masters, Lord Devron the leader of the Order of the Silver Serpent, Exarch Samuel of the Church of Theus and the harbormaster rule the city, all ostensibly lead by Governor Beldar Wym.

Some of the most notable gathering spots in Trinsic include…

The Marketplace – In northern Trinsic near the shoreline starts this maze of stalls, hovels, boutiques and workshops serves as both point of sale for artists, farmers and guildsman alike.

Talisman Square – Directly in front of the Trinsic Church of Theus, overlooked by the massive black Thean Crosses. During the daytime, it’s a wide plaza with a number of major streets running into it. At night, it’s a beautiful (and safe) walk along the canal considered highly romantic.

“The Noble Dolphin” – 10 rooms, 10GP a night. An Aristocratic inn and public house (and then some), Khydu Drake is the proprietor. It’s said Khydu knows anyone whose anyone in Trinsic and beyond.

The aristocratic tavern – “The Morning Dew” – run by Airdos, but really it’s the incredibly beauty of his three triplet daughters, Hennalyn, Jennalyn and Madelyn that attracts the patrons and keeps them coming back.

Comfortable Inn – Truvadores – Truvadores is an older man who runs a good, clean, simple place with solid fair at a reasonable price. His family, and in his advancing years several friends of his come and assist with maintaining the Inn.

“The Shattered Mug Public Brewhouse” — Brewer Magni Ainswith who claims to brew using an ancient Dwergan recipe. All who drink do tend to agree it’s powerful, but even with constant tinkering it still leaves a bit of a turpentine aftertaste.

Outside the City Gates – “The Looking Inn” – Hannan Mystrik. Hannan helps many people out by putting them up in common rooms or even his stables. He often helps newcomers to Trinsic with getting their bearings and starting their life here. Every once in a while, his compassion is viewed as a weakness, and some newcomer tries to start a fight or take something that isn’t theirs – they are often visited shortly thereafter by local thugs who take exception to their benefactor being harassed. Do so yourself at your own peril.

Squalid Tavern – “The Sails Public House” – along the dock sides. No one actually admits to running this place — but there’s always grog to be had, dice to be played and a couple of lasses to be wooed. It’s been the site of more than a few brawls resulting in deaths and accusations fly that Public House is a place where future sailors are knocked cold and put on board ships to serve a voyage or two on the high seas.

Balthazars is a brothel with a wide array of opportunities for all sorts of clientele. It’s certainly on the seedier side of town, but that doesn’t stop people from coming from all over the city. The heavily tattooed Madame Black seeks to ensure all her patrons are well accommodated.

Rumors, Gossip and Interesting Things

Of course, the biggest news is the upcoming wedding of Lady Amilia Kryss – the long time consort of Governor Wym. The celebration begins in just a few weeks, with what some say will be the biggest feast in the history of Trinsic.

The Great Pearl rests in the alcove of the Church of Theus. It was found on the day the church first opened it’s original doors, and was thought to be a portent of the goodness of the church. It’s said that if you are in a time of question, you can place your hands on the pearl to receive divine wisdom.

To the north lies the Fens of the Dead. Throughout Sosarian history, several major battles have been fought in and around the fens. Many tell of great treasures just lying around for the picking, if only you can avoid the haunting dead in search of bodies to make them live again.

Crime along the roadways and waterways has been up recently. Tales tell of a gang of thugs and ne’re do wells robbing parties and caravans travelling on the road to Britannia, and more of pirates and buccaneers raiding shipping and merchant lines to the seas east of Trinsic. Indeed, even the Thieves’ Guild is having some struggles locally. There have been several gang fights in the city over the last few weeks and it seems as if there might be a fight going on inside the guild.

Most recently, taverns are buzzing about the silence from the Kalath River hunting lodge. Usually the trappers have made their way to city to sell their Summer hunts – but no one has heard anything from them. Indeed, while the whole city is abuzz in preparation for the wedding, few are available to go check things out. Perhaps this could be a fast track to some gold and goodwill in the city.

Among the more scholarly, particularly those at the University of Trinsic, some speak of the local wizard Ashninn, who it’s said has been doing some very interesting studies on the quandary of magic and the nature of reality – as well as getting into a screaming match with a Sage of the Church, Sister Gwenyth debating this nature.

A caravan from the town of Sandpoint further west and south along the coastline tell of strange lights emanating from a house along the trail between Sandpoint and Trinsic, a little more than a day away. Several found themselves scared by the circumstances, and ask that someone accompany them back to Sandpoint for safety. Again, sounds like an easy few coins for some able-bodied but otherwise unemployed wanderers.

The Grand City of Trinsic

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