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Archaic books and scrolls tell us of a world much different than we know today. Of powerful magics and extraordinary races. Of astonishing evil and miraculous acts of good.

Ancient tales tell of great ages of darkness – tales of Dread Mondain the Wizard, his apprentice, the Witch Minax and their black child, the Daemon Exodus. Stories say each used their powers to enslave Sosaria, and each was ultimately defeated by a great hero – but each defeat shattered the world in unexpected ways. This great hero was a friend and companion to Lord British, who united the Eight City States together under a single banner as the King of Kings and who created the philosophies of Truth, Love and Courage to lead humanity from the Shadows through their combination into eight powerful virtues. And British had other companions. Iolo the Bard, who ventured deep into the dungeons and the Stygian Abyss through the Serpent Mountains. Nystul who created moongates as gateways to move throughout the lands. Shamino of Skara Brae who founded the Ranger’s Guild and Dupre of Serpent’s Hold, who founded the Order of the Silver Serpent both of whom swear to protect the lands of Sosaria from Chaos and destroy Minax’s abominations. Or of Jaana the healer, who under the symbol of the Ankh returned the Hero to life after he was slain by Exodus.

These ancient times tell tales of grand cities of the Sindaran in the treetops of the Deep Forest near modern-day Yew, and spectacular underground dominions of the Dwerga. Others speak of far off cultures of the Slann – an amphibian race who reside in the deep jungles of southern Sosaria, or the blistering hot desert abodes of the winged Gargun. And even others warn of terrifying races of snake men and spider creatures whom would take our children for their meals.

But today these tales are nothing more than scribblings on paper and stories we pass to our own children. No magic is as powerful as those tales of spells returning the dead to the living or reshaping the world. Certainly if there were other intelligent races in the Lands of Sosaria they would want to make themselves known to us. We all know it takes months to travel to the other City States, crossing the dangerous roads – and while the Rangers and Paladins do their best to hold back the abominations it’s still dangerous! Of course Theus and the Church of Britannia is the only true Lord God and his teachings are the only way to understand the world. It’s preposterous to think there are underground dungeons or some deep abyss where Daemons rule. With out a doubt, dark machinations of man are the only thing to fear – Magicians and the thieving Vistani chief among them. There are no other powerful agents of evil spreading across our lands seeking their path to power and dominion. We have nothing to fear, and certainly we don’t need any self-proclaimed “heroes.”

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